Dheeraj Kulkarni

Dheeraj Kulkarni
Updated: October 18,  2011.

Dheeraj Kulkarni,
Dept. Of Mathematics, IISc,
Bengaluru, India, 560 012.
Hi. I am a graduate student at the Department Of MathematicsIndian Institute Of Science.  I am working with Prof. Siddhartha Gadgil.  I am currently working on problems in symplectic 4-manifolds.
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Cycling/Biking: Recently, I found myself interested in long distance cycling. I hope to explore places around Bengaluru on cycle and if time permits I also wish to participate Randonneuring events, brevets as they are called, organized by IISc Bikers Network for season 2011-12. Here is a photo of  my new cycle.