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Welcome to the National Mathematics Initiative (NMI). This handbook contains information regarding office procedures, boarding and lodging, infrastructure support, etc. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our staff.


Administration and Staff

National Mathematics Initiative (NMI) is housed in the Department of Mathematics, which also serves as the nodal Department.




  • Prof. Govindan Rangarajan
    Department of Mathematics
    Indian Institute of Science
    Bangalore - 560 012
    Phone No: 91-80-22933213, 22932264
    E-mail : rangaraj@math.iisc.ernet.in

  • Prof. C. E. Veni Madhavan
    Department of Computer Science & Automation
    Indian Institute of Science
    Bangalore - 560 012
    Phone No: 91-80-22932369
    E-mail : cevm@csa.iisc.ernet.in

NMI Staff

  • Ms. Shakuntala. G
  • Ms. Sai Prasanna. M
  • Ms. Shruthi. P

Office Timings

The NMI Office is open from 9.00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m from Monday through Friday. Lunch break is between 1.00 pm and 1.45 p m.

Secretarial Support

The NMI staff at the Mathematics Department can help you in any task related to NMI activities.

Office Supplies

Office supplies and overhead transparencies are available from the NMI Office. We have both the write-on and copy machine transparencies.

Copy Machines

Copying of a few pages can be done by the NMI staff. For your other copying needs, there are commercial copying centers located in the main IISc library, near the coffee board and near Tata Memorial Club (please refer to IISc map for location), open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.  


The NMI will pay the postage for NMI business related items. We have envelopes available for your use. For all other mailing needs there is a full service post office located outside the Campus opposite to the main gate. The Post office (open 9-5 Mon-Sat) is approached from Prof. CNR Rao circle. It handles registered post, speed post, express mail, money order etc. in addition to regular mail.

Boarding and Lodging

Your boarding and lodging needs will be taken care of prior to your visit and necessary information will be forwarded to you. For further clarifications if any, contact the Secretary, NMI (nmi@math.iisc.ernet.in)

Telephone/FAX Machine



Departmental phones can be used for official purposes. If there is an emergency and someone needs to use the phone system to place a personal call, you may go to the STD/ISD (national / international / long distance) booth west of Canara bank, or to the Telecom Center (7 am to 10 pm, open on all days except Sundays). A new chip card type PCO has been installed at the U-block entrance and the telecom centre. You can prepay and buy the chip cards and use it for STD calls.

Dialing instructions

Please note that all four digit numbers starting with "2" (of the form 2xxx) are valid only within IISc. To call these numbers from outside IISc, prefix the number with "2293".

FacsNMIle Machine (FAX)

The fax machine in the office is only for NMI business use. Please check with staff at the office for assistance with faxing and the staff can show you how to use the fax machine. Incoming fax transmissions for NMI participants will be delivered to you.

Financial/Accounting Information


Expense Reimbursements
If the NMI has offered to pay any of your expenses you will receive a reimbursement form in your registration packet. Please fill it up, attach the required tickets / bills and hand it over to NMI staff.


Currency Exchange: For updated rates, click here.


There are two locations within the campus where you will be able to convert your currency to Indian Rupees

  1. State Bank of India
    Phone: 91-80-22932484

  2. Thomas Cook
    Phone no: 91-80-23601093, 22932699

  3. TT Holdings

The other bank within the Campus is:

  1. Canara Bank
    Phone: 91-80-22932483



If you are attending a workshop, please register using the form provided on the website.


Lecture Notes/Material from Talks
If you are a speaker, please bring your lecture notes to the office and the staff will scan and post them on the NMI web page. We can duplicate directly from transparencies, however, we would appreciate a copy instead.


Audio Visual Needs
Please let the staff know of any special needs such as LCD projector, Overhead projector, etc.

Emergency and Security Information


Dial "100-Police, 101-Fire, 102-ambulance, 103-Traffic Police" in an emergency, either from the campus phone system or from the regular public phone system. You can also contact the Campus Security at 22932225 or 22932841 or 22932400.


Office Key
If an office key or room key was provided to you during your stay Please return it to the NMI office or to the Department Office before you leave. The NMI operates from 9.00 a.m - 5.30 p.m Monday through Friday.


Security Reminder
When you are not in your office, please keep your office door locked for safe keeping of your personal items and NMI equipment.

Medical Emergencies

Dial "22932227 / 22932234 - Health Centre" in an emergency, either from the campus phone system or from the regular public phone system.


The Health Centre of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore provides health care to the institute community comprising staff and students. A large number of the staff members and their families are residents in the campus. Though small in relative terms, the health centre is well equipped to undertake a number of clinical investigations and offers outpatient care as well as provides in-patient treatment. The Health Centre is located at the south-west end of the campus, close to the J N Center building, and opposite to the students' hostel.

For more details please click here

Taxi/Cab Information

Taxis can be booked by contacting one of the following companies.

  • Aishwarya Travels – 23374826 / 23477607
  • Cabs centre – 23415080 / 23417058
  • Gayathri Travels - 23327122 / 23520946
  • Pushpak Travel Agents - 23417464 / 23415433
  • Rathnagiri Travels – 23341011 / 23344952


J.R.D. TATA Memorial Library, popularly known as the Indian Institute of Science Library, is one of the best Science and Technology libraries in India. Started in 1911, as one of the first three departments in the Institute, it has become a precious national resource center in the field of Science and Technology.

You will need a temporary pass or card (you can contact the NMI secretary or the Department office for the procedure) to enter the library.


Any announcements listing important information, talks, workshops, etc will be displayed on the display boards inside the office. We encourage you to read it.

Computer/Workstation Information

A computer room has been set up in the Mathematics Department to make it convenient to the visitors to check mails.

Visa and Travel Information for International visitors

An entry visa is essential for all foreigners visiting India. A visitor's Visa or Visa for attending the workshop / conference can be obtained from your nearest Indian Embassy / consulate / high commission on producing valid passport, travel documents and sufficient means of support. If you are planning to visit neighboring countries and re-enter India, please obtain a multiple entry visa. Please write to the secretariat if you need any help such as an invitation letter for obtaining the visa. It is advisable to apply for the visa at least two months ahead of the event.


Click here to view details of Indian Embassies


Bangalore has an international airport. Airlines flying into Bangalore include Air India, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines and Sri Lankan Airlines. You can also come to Bangalore via Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi or Kolkata. There are a number of public and private airlines operating between Bangalore and the above cities. Customs and immigration clearance will be at Bangalore only if you fly directly to Bangalore. Otherwise it will be at the port of entry. Since flights to and from India are full most of the time, it is recommended to book your ticket several months in advance of your journey date.


Indian local time is ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) by 5:30 hours. International flights to/from India arrive/depart typically between midnight and early morning, while Indian domestic flights are mostly during the daytime. This makes getting good connections difficult. Only from Mumbai to Bangalore are there early morning flights by Air India and Jet Airways. Other domestic flights start around 6am. If you do not have a direct flight to Bangalore, you will have to clear immigration/customs formalities at your entry-point in India.


In Mumbai and in Delhi, the international and domestic flight terminals are at different locations, though the flights use the same runway. All airlines other than Air India require a change of terminals, and they offer free bus service between the two terminals running around the clock once every hour. The bus-stops are not clearly marked, so please ask the airport authorities to direct you to the location of the bus-stops.


For persons who would like to take a break (particularly to recover from jetlag or to have a nap), and not mind the price, a convenient retreat is the Centaur group of hotels, with branches just next to the airports in Mumbai and Delhi. Reservations in less expensive hotels close to the airports are not easily available, but you may still ask for them in your e-mail. All the major Indian airports offer pre-paid taxi service (advisable if you don't want to argue with the driver later), and hotel/tourist information. Bangalore city railway station also has a service counter for pre-paid vehicles.


The Indian currency is Rupee (1 US$ = 45.88 Rupees at the beginning of July 2004; more recent information can be found at the Currency Exchange). Currency conversion is possible at airports and banks, although many of them deal only with US-dollars and British-pounds. At the end of the trip, rupees can be converted back into foreign currency, only if one has receipts demonstrating that a larger amount of foreign currency was converted into rupees earlier during the trip.


If you are carrying large amount of foreign currency (not travellers cheques but cash), that should be declared at the customs when entering India. Travellers cheques do not have to be declared and are easier to carry. Expensive equipment liable to custom duty (e.g. laptop computers and video cameras) should also be declared at the customs. Such items will be entered in your passport, and you don't have to pay any duty provided that you take them back when you return.


International credit cards are accepted at major hotels and shops, but not everywhere. The HDFC bank close to IISc has a 24-hour ATM, where you can use international credit cards to get Indian currency. The ATM provides a better exchange rate than that offered by hotels and shops. (The HDFC bank charges the credit card company Rs.55 per transaction. The amount charged by the credit card company to you will depend on the agreement between you and your credit card company.)


Avoid accepting currency notes of denominations Rupee 1,2 and 5; ask for the corresponding coins instead. The government has stopped printing these notes, but old damaged and soiled notes are still in circulation.

India uses the metric system of measurements (it is after all the birthplace of the decimal system). The electricity supply in India is 220 Volts and 50 Hz. Appliances requiring 110 Volts would need a voltage adapter. The electrical sockets require three (or two) round pin plugs. Telephone booths with international call facility and internet cafes, accessible with cash payment, can be found at many street corners in the cities. Card-operated telephones (magnetic cards or electronic accounts) exist at many public places (e.g. airports, hotels, IISc guest house). The cards are issued by the Telecom Department of Government of India, in denominations of 100, 200, 500, 1000 units. 1 unit costs approximately 1.20 rupee, and works for about 1 minute for local calls and for about 1 second for calls to the USA.


Your housing needs will be taken care of in advance to your visit and the same will be intimated to you prior to your visit to the institute.

Dining Guide

Snacks on campus.

  • The Coffee Board (marked Cafe on your map, phone-2521) offers snacks and coffee from 9:30-6 on all days except Institute holidays, second Saturdays and Sundays.

  • There's a Tea kiosk (phone-2872) next to the coffee board that functions from 3 pm till around midnight on all days including weekends. It is good for tea, coffee, samosas, pastries, etc.

  • The TMSC canteen (marked TMC on your map) offers snacks, tea and coffee from 7 am to 6 pm on all days except Sundays.

  • There is a Nilgiris (Snack) shop in front of Faculty Club (open till 10 PM).

The small shopping area at the far north end of the campus has a bakery and a fruit/vegetable shop. In addition, vendors seated on the road near TMC, SBI and NCSI offer fresh fruits, groundnuts, etc. in the daytime (but not on Sundays).


Restaurants and Hotels within a bus ride

Campus is rather dead in the evenings and on weekends, so you might wish to venture out into Malleswaram or Yeshwantpur. The MG Road, Brigade Road, Commercial Street, Kempe Gowda Road are the major shopping areas in Bangalore. Any Bangalore guide map will tell you where these places are located.

Malleswaram is south of campus. Mariamma Temple circle is at the north end of Malleswaram. Streets are organised as north south "mains" and east west "crosses". The mains increase in number as you go west. Second main is actually called Sampige Road; third main is called Margosa road. These two mains are important: buses run on them, there are lots of shops (esp. on Sampige road) but they are one-way streets. The crosses increase in number as you come north, toward IISc. The 18th cross bus stand is a five-minute walk south from Circle Mariamma temple, and is located at 18th cross and Margosa. There's a nice shopping area centered at 8th cross and Sampige Road.


Eating Places - A few of the better known eating places are listed below

  • Eat out - A large fast food place located at 15th cross and 8th main

  • Janatha hotel - Good for south Indian snacks. Located at 8th cross just west of Sampige Road

  • Vaishali - Good for South Indian snacks. Located at 8th cross, between Margosa and Sampige, first floor

  • Shakti - Located at Sampige, around 6th cross opposite to bus stop serves good roti-sabji

  • Suhas - A simple decent food is available at Suhas located at Sampige and 2nd cross 1st floor

  • NKB (New Krishna Bhavan) - This hotel located at north of Bhashyam park, which is at the south end of Sampige is good for snacks and thali. Avoid evenings

  • Gopika - Next door to New Krishna Bhavan, this hotel serves good north Indian food

  • Viking - Located at 8th Main, 16th Cross, Mallleswaram

  • Basil - Located at Sampige Road, Malleswaram

  • Kamath Yatri Nivas (Gandhinagar)

  • Sukh Sagar (Majestic)

  • Shanti Sagar (Bhashyam circle)

  • For wholesome north Indian food, visit Queens (MG Road)

Enjoy Chinese food at Big Chef (Bhashyam circle), punjabi food at Bawarchi (Mattikere), non-vegetarian food at Karavalli (Yeshvantpur) and continental food at Casa Picola (Residency Road).


You may have to wait for half an hour to eat at the famous MTR (near Lalbagh), but it may be worth your time.


The Security office is located in the Main Gate of the Institute. They play an important role in making the Institute a safe, secure place.

Phone Nos.





  : +91-80-22932400


IISc Telephone Directory

Click here to view the directory



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